Spedix GS30a BlHeli_32bit ESC Dshot1200


Spedix has done it again with the GS30A BlHeli_32Bit ESC. With the 32 Bit protocol this ESC can run DShot 1200. The GS30A ESC is lightweight, Small and most important Affordable. Other companies have made ESC's capable of this, but Spedix has delivered!! This cutting edge ESC from Spedix is one you need for your next Quadcopter.


  • ´╗┐Standard size MOSFET
  • Firmware: BlHeli_32Bit
  • Input: 2-4s
  • Continues Current: 30A
  • Burst Current: 40A
  • Size: 23*14*5mm
  • Weight: 6g
  • Support Dshot 1200