OMNIBUS F4 V5 Flight Control


OMNIBUS F4 V5 Flight Control

A new generation Flight control for FPV. The Omnibus F4 V5 is the PERFECT Flight controller for your rig. This Flight Controller can be easy connected to the Typhoon32 4n1 ESC. This 3-6s Flight controller includes a 5V1A on the board and OSD Configuration has been incl. in Betaflight GUI.
On V5, we added jumpers for Current source select, please read the manual and set the jumper before using the FC.
  • STM32 F405 MCU, Runs Betaflight 3.0 firmware

  • SBUS/PPM input (Pinheaders)

  • 6PWM output (1-4Pinheaders and Sh1.0 Plug, 5-6 as Pinheaders)

  • Only 36x36mm, mount holes 30.5x30.5mm


  • SPI Sensor MPU6000

  • SDCard slot                 


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