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OAS Hobby "Switch" Frame


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The Switch was designed to be a HD & Analog frame. Instead of having a designated HD frame and a Analog frame, you have both options in one with the OAS Hobby Switch. 
  • 217mm Stretched X Frame
  • Weight 118g (with Hardware)


**Please do NOT crank down on the screws when tightening the standoffs on the bottom of the Frame. These need to be tight, but not over tighten.**

  • 4x 16mm Nylon countersunk screws for PDB & FC
  • 4x 12mm 2m HD VTX post
  • 4x 8mm 2m countersunk stainless steel screws
  • 4x 8mm 2m Stainless steel screws for the top of the HD VTX
  • 2x 12mm 2m Screws for HD or Analog camera
  • 4x 12mm 2m Screws
  • 4x 2m Nylon locknuts for the Antenna
  • 4x 6mm 3m PDB & FC spacers and mounting screws
  • 1x Universal TPU camera mount
  • 5x 40mm 3m Standoff
  • 1x 4mm Unibody bottom plate
  • 2x 3mm Side Plate


Add On:

• OAS Hobby 3D printed Custom HD Antenna (Mini or Race Edition)