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Afro Naze32


Brand: AfroFlight

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Designed for use with small indoor or small to mid-sized outdoor multirotor crafts, or as a standalone camera stabilizer. The Naze32 flight controller is extremely simple to setup, with configuration based on the familiar “MultiWii” software.


- Battery voltage monitoring
- Built-in FrSky telemetry converter
- Modern 32-bit processor (STM32 F103) running at 3.3V/72MHz.
- 10DOF
- Onboard USB for setup and configuration
- Extra bright LEDs
- Modern GUI for all operating systems, Baseflight Configurator

NOTE: V6 version has such problem that there is conflict between power of USB and BEC. You can not power both at the same time.


Height: 36mm
Width: 36mm
Weight: 6 grams (no headers, 8 grams with)
Sensor :MPU6050
Headers: Includes 1x 3x6 90 degree pin headers, 1x 1x2 straight pin headers, 1x 2x3 90 degree pin headers, and 1x 2x5 straight pin headers.

Package Include:

1 x Acro Naze32 10DF Flight Controller with Barometer and Compass