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 Matek systems is no stranger to the FPV game. Matek has been making PDB's that we all enjoy and now they have the Matek F405 Flight Controller. This flight controller has been designed to give you the most superior level of performance, along with having used some of the best components on the market.The Matek F405 FC has a built in OSD, MicroSD car for the blackbox, and up to 32k gyro, along with 16k PID loop performance. The Matek F405 Flight Controller can be paired with the FCHUB-6S PDB. While other PDB's are connected many different ways, the FCHUB-6S PDB is connected using a data ribbon. This data ribbon is safely secured and positioned between the two boards so you can have very few wires exposed and running from the FC to the PDB.

A little extra feature if you break the ribbon or you damage it in a crash don't worry because you'll be able to run wires to and from the Flight Controller to the same PDB or if you have another Matek PDB you can run them to that as well,