DAL Cyclone T5051C Triblade Props (Set-Of-4)


The latest prop from the DAL Cyclone series, the DAL 5051 is here! The responsiveness will give the FPV Pilot the feel they need and want with a prop. The DAL 5051 is perfect for smaller build and will exceed all your expectations. 

  • Balance: Fantastic (super light blade)
  • Speed: Med - High (depends on AUW)
  • Torque/punch: High!
  • Grip: High
  • Response: EXTREME!
  • Durability: Low (but very good for 3.3g)
  • Noise profile: Below average
  • Battery hog: High


  • kV range: 2400-2800kv. Must have low AUW for high kv but it will be amazing on 2600-2800kv sub 365g AUW.
  • Power delivery: Super exactly linear
  • Good for: Acro and light quad racing. For modern 2204-2207/2306