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Concept 6 OAS Team Edition


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The Concept 6 OAS Team Edition Racing Frame was specifically designed for all types of pilots. The perfect balance between weight and footprint. The 248mm (motor to motor) creates an amazing and Stable platform, only tipping the scales at 100g. The 3D printed Camera mount is versatile and able to run a Full-size FPV Camera and a Mini FPV camera. This style of frame wasn't just designed for free styling or racing, but it was designed for both. The Concept 6 gives you the option to run a bottom mounted battery or a top mounted battery and be able to swing 5" and 6" props.

Please Note that this frame was created by © 2017 Rick Caudle – SouthEast FPV


  • 7x 28mm Standoffs
  • 7x 8mm M3 Titanium Screws
  • 13x 12mm M3 Titanium Screws
  • 8x 16mm M3 Titanium Screws
  • 2x M3 Lock Nuts
  • 1x 3D Printed Camera Mount


  • Ability to swing 5" & 6" Props
  • Able to mount the battery on top or bottom
  • Fits ALL FC's and ALL 4-n-1 ESC's on the market

Checkout out the Concept 6 OAS Team edition frame in ACTION!!