Black Ops 5 Pack 2306

$89.90 $84.51

The first of the Bounty Hunter series motors has arrived!! The OAS Black Ops Brushless motor is sure to turn heads on Race Day! This 2306 motor was designed with a few things in mind. Sleek, Simplicity and inexpensive! Weather you're out of the track collecting that bounty on race day or just simply free styling your local spots, you want a motor that performs in perfect harmony with its other components. 


  • Shaft: Titanium Hollow 
  • Bearings: EZO 8x4x3
  • Bell Cap: AI 7075
  • Base Casing: AI 7075 16x16
  • Magnets: N52H arc
  • Naked bottom
  • Available in 3 different KV's
  • Wire Length: 160cm
  • Weight: 32g (With long wires)
  • 160mm wire length 
  • Bell secured by a Set screw