T-Motor Challenge Cup


The T-motor challenge cup will be one of the best races this year.  Prizes first through tenth, an epic track and venue provided by Funspot Orlando. Take a look below for prize details, rules, dates and requirements to compete. See you at the track.https://youtu.be/T3jK-cUSXOE

Date: September 26 Wed - 27 Thur (Registration ends Sept 21st) 

Location: FunSport Orlando

5700 Fun Spot Way, Orlando, FL 32819 

Tech check start time: 6:30am

Event start time: 8:00am both days

Food and water will be provided(no cost to the pilots) and access to Funspots facilities.


*First 30 pilots to register can choose between F40III 2750KV or F60III 2350kv and all 50 pilots will receive 7 packs of props.*

1st Tmotor Sponsor and $1000

2nd 10 motor 10 esc and $500

3rd 8 Motors 8 esc  props and $250

4th  Two TBS VTX & $100

5th One Volk Fram Canopy option and $50

6th  Two FPV Cameras and $25

7th 20% off your next purchase 

8th 15%  off your next purchase

9th 10%  off your next purchase

10th 5%  off your next purchase

Race Rules:

  • VTX 25mw only.
  • If all pilots do not make it through the first gate (Holeshot) we will restart the round.
  • TBS event tracker will be used to track lap times
  • Three fastest consecutive laps in a round will move on, same for top 16 to make finials.
  • The first time a pilot false starts they get a warning. The second time, 10sec added to pilots fastest time for the day.
  • If a pilot misses a gate and does not circle back, that lap does not count.
  • To save time, every pilot will approach the line with two quads ready to go in case of failure.
  • All quads will be inspected for proper signal and QC sticker at the line.
  • If there is a malfunction on the start line or the VTX is pushing out too much power. The pilot will have 1 min to fix it or miss out on the round.
  • Only two rounds at a time will be allowed in the pilot area.
  • Top 16 qualify for the finials double elimination for the championship.CLICK THE PICTURE  A THE TOP OR THE LINK BELOW TO REGISTER