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Matt "TeamDefiance" Roper

My name is Matt Roper and I am President of The Other Guys FPV. The Other Guys FPV is nationally known and is one of the largest MultiGP Tier1 chapters in the state of Colorado. We hold regular races drawing pilots from around the world with upwards of 57 pilots participating. I work in conjunction with other chapter leaders to promote FPV racing in the community to provide the best races in Our Region. My chapter will be hosting regional qualifiers and are planning a multi-state race in Grand Junction CO where pilots from Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and others will be attending. This is the 2nd year The Other Guys FPV will be participating in STEM fest which we are invited to race, and talk FPV with children in our community. I have been flying RC since my childhood and my passion for the hobby quickly evolved to Helicopters, then quads and now racing FPV. I travel regularly to races nationwide, I have been to XDC in Las Vegas, Midwest Drone Battles, AMA Nationals, Phoenix Cup among others. I will be attending Midwest Drone battles again and anticipate a heavy race schedule for this upcoming season. I am a skilled builder and have made build videos for quads. I also have an extensive collection of videos I have made highlighting OAS hobbies.

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