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The Volk 5" Race Frame


The Volk is the newest evolution in the OAS Frame line up, it embodies exactly what OAS attempts with every frame design light, durable and versatile . The Volk is a three-plate system with a skeleton middle plate that allows you to mount a 20x20mm and a 30x30mm stack. How does the 212mm motor to motor Volk measure up?

Be sure to pair your Volk with the 40degree session mount from Brain3D!!  



  • 5mm arms
  • 2mm bottom and mid plate
  • 3mm top plate (for those head-on crashes).
  • SMA and antenna protection
  • Camera protection


  • 73g frame weight (with all hardware)
  • 250g possible Dry weight (with the right gear)


  • Fits full size and micro cameras
  • Has 30 x 30 and 20 x 20 FC mounting options
  • Unique stacking options
  • Multiple antenna mounting options to include an AXII mount *sold separately*
  • Top or bottom battery mounting option
  • Room to slam the top plate as low as your gear will let you
  • Good for both Racing and Freestyle 


  • 4x 25mm standoff’s 
  • 20x 8mm titanium screws 
  • 4x 14mm titanium screws 
  • 4x 16mm titanium screws 
  • 1x 3D printed camera mount 
  • 1x Rubber grommet 
  • 1x Top Plate
  • 1x Mid plate 
  • 1x Bottom plate 
  • 4x Arms
  • 4x Locknuts